How to Blog Successfully

It is easy to get disheartened when your blog fails to attract thousands of readers. It is a shame because if creators followed a few simple marketing steps, they would find a willing audience just dying to read about most topics. How do you get noticed? Here are a few marketing ideas that should get most blogs to get good traffic in a short space of time.

Blog about a niche

The world doesn’t need another ‘vanity blog’ about what you had for breakfast. Unless you are a super-model posting photos on your blog, you may have difficulty getting noticed. Suppose you already have a vanity blog and are wondering why you are not getting traffic. In that case, you need to know that the vanity market is saturated. Consider starting or changing to another topic – an interest or a hobby, for example.

Self publicise

Next, you need to start posting to forums. Put the blog URL in your forum signature (don’t spam forums saying “look at my blog”). If you naturally join the conversation, people will get curious, and you will get a few more readers. If the forum you post in also has to do with a similar topic to your blog, you will probably get repeat readers! Try to find the most popular forums within the niche you are writing. To find them, go over to Google and search for your niche keyword plus ‘forum’, and you should get a list. Try to find forums with at least a few thousand active members.

Make sure to do trackbacks and pingbacks to other blogs that you have linked to so that they know about you. When people find out that you have talked about them, they will come to see what you said. So will some of their readers. Talking about popular stories from popular blogs may get you more than just a few visitors too.

Comment on other people’s blogs as much as you can (without spamming). In most cases, you can link back to your blog, and people follow these links. It is also good to target blogs that talk about the same subject as your blog. You will get readers who are more likely to continue reading your blog. (Avoid using “comment spam” programs as Google can track this and will penalise you).

Most importantly, you need to keep blogging! Updated content is essential to keep people coming back.